Rondeau Technology Inc. (RTI) is a consulting firm that specializes in strategies for managing the use of third party code, including open source code, in the development of proprietary software products.  RTI also has played a strong role in the development and management of the Intellectual Property policies of Open Source organizations.

While Open Source code has gained wide acceptance for use throughout the software industry, there are a number of pitfalls that consistently trip up developers, and which can jeopardize a company’s ability to profit from its software.  And developers are notorious for “borrowing” software without ensuring that they have appropriate license rights. 

Even major corporations slip up.  Late in 2009 it came to light that a blogging application posted to Microsoft’s MSN site contained third party code for which it had no license - and in a separate incident, Microsoft had to pull a Windows7 download tool as it contained code licensed under the GPLv2 open source license.  Microsoft may well now have to publically release the full source of that tool as per the requirements of GPLv2. 

RTI can help companies avoid such problems, providing education and guidance to developers and their managers. 


Peter Tanner has over thirty-five years experience in the software and telecommunications industries.  Areas of focus include intellectual property issues, open source, software licensing, contract negotiations and the development and maintenance of partner programs.

Highlights of this experience include:
- involvement with the creation of the Eclipse Foundation;
- development of the governance and IP documents/policies for Open Health Tools and OpenNTF, as well as ascting as the IP Manager/Director for both these organizations;
- management licensing issues arising from the integration of acquired companies into IBM;
- development and management of an international network of business partner relationships in the embedded Java industry.